Understanding the trend in home prices in India from 2009 to 2017.

Trashy charts and I – p2

I visit various websites to collect data. Most of the sites i visit are mostly managed by various Government of India central or state departments / ministries. Given everything is digitized one realizes the extent to which this digitization has brought to light some of the issues related to quality of the websites as well... Continue Reading →

Identifying Business Cycles in India

This article shows how business cycles time periods in India can be shaded to enhance the interpretability of economic indicators. This article also serves as an introduction to creating rectangles in R to identify recessionary time frames.

Why Govt. of India should rely on R ?

This article tries to explore the possibility of adopting open source technology like R by Government of India. This article is a beginners step to understanding the endless possibilities of combining the open data initiative with open source technology.

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