I. Resources to Learn R:

  • R blogger : great way to keep updated about development’s in R. New R packages, conferences, jobs etc. If you are new to R you will learn a lot just by visiting this blog everyday.
  • R Studio : This page has really good webinars on R, Shiny and conferences.
  • R Programing : The r programing course taught by Roger Peng on coursera website is a great introduction to R.  If you do not want to pay for the course even just auditing the course will help you get started on R.
  • Statistical Learning : This course is a great introduction to Machine Learning using R. The two professors have also written a book which they use in the course. The book is free to download.
  • Learning XML and JSON : This link has a lot of presentations on using R packages to extract data from XML or JSON files. It also discusses other useful ways to manipulate data using R.

II. Learning R through Blog entries and Powerpoint slides:

  • Shiny official Website : A great place to get started with Shiny and a lot of examples under gallery and references section of the website.
  • Tricks in Shiny: Its a very well written blog on tricks one can use in their Shiny Apps.
  • Writing HTML widgets : I have never written a html widget but seems like a good resource to me.
  • Dealing with dates : A very useful introduction using lubridate package in R to work with dates.
  • Text Mining topics:

Trump tweets (text analysis) : A good analysis and well written blog entry on using twitterR packages.

Text mining example of Treaty : A very well written introduction of text mining and visualization.

V. Some good websites for inspirations and More:

  • New York Times Visualization : This is a great collection of some of the New York Times visualizations. They are bit old but great to get ideas and inspiration. (Note :Sometimes the site has links that will not work, not sure why.)
  • Andy Kirk : The website is full of resources and visualizations
  • Visual Complexity : A good collection of visualization.
  • shiny apps : Has a good collection of Shiny Apps.
  • Jer Thorp : Has source code to some visualization generated by him for New York Times. His Ted Talk is very interesting as well.
  • Simply Stat : Writes really interesting blog posts.  Authors also offer data science specialization courses on Coursera.


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