Where are Blood Banks located – Shiny App

This shiny application provides information regarding the location of Government, Private and Charity blood banks in India. The shiny application comprises of 3 tabs Map, Data and Read me.

Data source : https://data.gov.in/

Shiny Application is here .

Code and data files are available on my github repo.

Location of Blood Banks in India
Map identifying the locations of blood banks in India



This shiny app was my first time working with shiny and hence some of the plots are not well constructed. However, the main idea was to communicate runs scored by batsman including 4’s and 6’s. The data for the app was sourced in 2015 using a web application called kimono ( no longer available). In present day an R package ‘cricketr’ is available which has made the process of extracting data much easier.

The shiny app can be accessed here: cricket

Following are some of the snapshots from this shiny app:

Shiny App: cricket analysis in R

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