Gender Wage Gap in Australia

The plot is generated as a part of Makeover Monday. The data comprises of close to 1000 observations. The original story was published¬†here. The plot is inspired from New York Times post on Gender Wage gap in USA. The data for the post is available on¬†MakeoverMonday. The plot was generated using R and inkscape was … Continue reading Gender Wage Gap in Australia

Slope Chart in R

    The slope chart above shows the rising cost of Christmas Dinner in U.K. The plot is generated in R using the plotrix library. Once the basic plot was generated a few minor adjustments were made using the inkscape. Due to some technical issues i was unable to load the code and Rmarkdown files … Continue reading Slope Chart in R

Debt to GDP Ratio – R and SVG

This is a quick tutorial on how we can manipulate a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) in R. R does have the ability to save plots, maps and graphics in various formats (including SVG) but this post is more about how you can quickly generate a very effective graphic using R and an external SVG file. The most obvious question is why not use R to do everything. Well R is great and does everything so well it does lack some power when it come to interactivity. Though i will not cover interactivity in this post i will show you how easy it is to generate effect using SVG.