Trashy Charts and I – P3

The annual report for 2017-2018 available here on page 116 shows the number of villages electrified per state (also shown in the plot below). In the current state of technology where so much of assistance is available online for free a plot like the following should not be on Ministry of Power website. The aim of this post is to identify problems with this chart and offer a solutions.

The main issues with this plot is the following:

  1. The plot is upside down and all plots after this plot in report are also upside down. So i think this is more of an issue with being careless rather than anything.
  2. The bars go from right to left. Given we are used to reading charts left to right, this adds and extra layer of complexity.
  3. The Y axis label orientation should be horizontal and with a slightly bigger text to make it legible. The X axis label should be updated counter clockwise.
  4. The title of the plot is on the left hand side. It should be on the top of the plot.
  5. Do we really need to show all the states? if yes then great else we can show the top and bottom states or some variation. Showing all states occupies an entire page.

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