Some Free resources to learn data visualization in R

I came across some very handy resources for learning data visualization techniques in R. Hope you enjoy them as well !!!

  1. R Graphic cookbook: This is a classic given that i refer to it all the time at work to create visuals for my reports. If you are like me who learned basic plotting in R and want to transition to using ggplot2 package this is a great book to start. The best part is that its available online for free.
  2. Fundamentals of Data Visualizations: I came across this book today. It seems very interesting read. I have read a few chapters and learned a few facts today on Choropleth maps. The code for all the graphics in the book is available in github.

I also try to update my site with various free R related resources. Some of them are available here. In case you have any free R resources that you would like to share please comment below with a link to the resource. I will be more than happy to share the same on my site.

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