Projected Population of Indian States

John Burn-Murdoch published the code for his Bar Race chart on his page. Some days later i see similar races on linkedin and facebook. A weeks later i see that flourish , which is recently one of my favorite tool for generating visualization, also included it as a part of its template. So i felt like its teh right time to publish one for this site.

The flourish blog states that
“With rapidly ticking numbers and animated bars, this is a fun and effective way to visualize data over time With rapidly ticking numbers and animated bars, this is a fun and effective way to visualize data over time “

In the present post an animated bar race chart shows the growing population of Indian states from 2001 to 2026. The states of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Bihar show the highest population projection over the entire time period. An analysis of projected population helps in better resource management, planning and policy implementation. It would be interesting to see if the gender gap has reduces or increases in these states.

The actual visualization from flourish is below. The one above is a gif i generated for this post so the quality of the image is bit low. The visual bellow is a much better version of the visualization.


The population projection data is published by the Census Bureau of India. The report is quiet detailed and provides information on calculation methodology, and breaks it down by gender and by state.


The bar race chart was generated using flourish tools. The tool is free to use and very easy to operate.

Generate the Bar Race Chart:

I have provided instructions to the chord diagram one of the visualizations i generated using the flourish tool. The same procedure can be followed but this time we will use the bar race chart template instead of teh chord diagram template.

The flourish tool has 3 simple steps – select a template, update the template data with your data and edit the general settings (color, font, titles, legends, points etc). So you see we do not need to be a coder to generate beautiful visuals.

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