Where do Indian students go to study?

Every year thousands of students from India leave to go abroad to study. While growing up in India i hardly knew of anyone leaving India to study but its a common trend now. I believe globalization, improved standard of living and opportunity to get a higher income are some of the factors that could be assessed.

The most obvious factors that affects an individuals choice are countries with primary language English, easy immigration laws, prospects of getting a job after graduating etc. Based on these criteria countries preferred by Indian students are United States, Australia, Canada and UK. However, given certain political changes in the USA and Brexit it would be interesting to see if this trend changes.

Unfortunately the most complete data available was for 2016 and political scene has changed after that so we might have to wait for most recent data to see any relation.

What interest me most is not countries where Indian students go most but instead least preferred countries. It is interesting to see that now and again students exploring new avenues and venturing into a different direction. Some of the countries where less than 100 Indian students have gone in 2016 are Grenada, Bulgaria, Botswana, Moldova, etc. It would be interesting to observe what courses are studied by these students, or what was their motivation to pick countries which are not the top choices.


The data for the visualization was sourced from http://data.uis.unesco.org


Ideally i try to use R but creating globe in R is not the easiest. So i used a web based tool called Flourish. It is very easy to use and generates great visuals – give it a try and let me know what you think.

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