How official are the official stats published by Government of India?

I came across two articles published by two separate journals that provide details and insight into the the topic of data published by the government organizations. Since this blog uses open data published by the Government of India, i thought it would be the right time to show the importance of accuracy of official government statistics in present times.

The article “The Value of US Government Data to US Business Decisions” published in the Journal of Economic Perspective provides detailed analysis on how Citizens, Government Agencies, Researchers, non Profits and business community depend heavily on Government agencies to publish data.

  1. Hughes-Cromwick, Ellen, and Julia Coronado. 2019. “The Value of US Government Data to US Business Decisions.” Journal of Economic Perspectives, 33 (1): 131-46. .

While the above mentioned article provides evidence on importance of accurate government data we observe data published by Indian Government not reliable in presence of recent controversy over National Sample Survey. This brings us to the second article published in Economic and Political Weekly.

  1. Data in Peril ? – Vol. 54, Issue No. 6, 09 Feb, 2019

The above mentioned article raises concerns over the use of data published by Government of India. Even though in present times we have many different data sources such as data published by International organizations, NGO’s, other data agencies etc we still rely on government data as a primary and reliable source for any economic or financial analysis.

Note: The journal of economic perspective is an open journal and hence the article is free to download. However, the Economic and Political Weekly article is available for download only for a month or so.

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