Collection of Tile Grid Maps

Today  i came across two twitter feeds on the topic of tile grid maps.

  1. Chart Combination Tile Grid Maps which discusses various applications of Tile Grid maps using USA as an example.
  2. Tutorial : World Tile Grid map in ggplot2 which is a tutorial to generating the tile maps in R using the ggplot2 package.

Both of these articles are a great way to learn the application of tile grid maps and include them as a part of your analysis.

I have also written about the topic of tile grid maps on 4 separate occasions, listed below:

  1. Just when you thought being poor in India was not enough
  2. Tile grid map of India p1
  3. Tile grid map of India p2
  4. Murders in India 2016

These tile grid maps are using the geogrid package and it can also be used to create hexagon shape instead of rectangles. It would be great if you end up using tile maps to represent data from India and provide me the link by commenting here.


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