Find Location of Blood banks in India


The blood bank location application was created in R using shiny and leaflet package. The main objective of the application is to locate the closest blood bank to you in India. The blood banks in India are categorized into government, charity and private and hence they are presented on the map with different colors.

The map is interactive and clickable. Each point would provide information related to the blood bank.


Shiny App is accessible via -> Location of Blood Banks

Data :

The data for the application is sourced from the open data website.  However, some of the data required cleaning and hence i have tried my best to fix it. Even after fixing the data there is some data that is missing.

Why not google?

One obvious question i had was why not use google. Well, google is not very effective when it comes to location specific information in India. Given that the data is sourced from Government of India i am assuming that the data is better specially when it comes to rural areas.

Also, we see a lot of additional information is provided by Government of India which one would not find in google. For e.g. email ids, name of contact person, website and contact information.

Code and data:

The code and data are available on my github .


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