Trashy charts and I – p1

In this short series i would like to fix some of the plots presented by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. It is great that government agencies are taking steps to digitize data and documents. But, this also brings to light issues related to the quality of these reports in terms of presentation of data and accessibility of data.

My only purpose of this series is to point the obvious mistakes with charts presented in the report and how the same can be made better using R or simply by making small edits. I hope this is taken in the right spirit.

This is an image from Energy statistics Report 2017.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.48.49 PM

Following are the issues with the chart:

  1. why do we need a background image of a truck – background images create unnecessary distraction for the reader.
  2. pie chart is exploded – this is also not needed. Exploding a chart does not add any value.
  3. Given the pie consists of only 3 sectors the legends could be removed and placed inside the pie.
  4. Legends are too far away from the pie.
  5. The label Total Reserve is not clearly visible
  6. The units are missing – i am guessing they are percentages

Following is my attempt in R:


Following code was used to plot the pie in R:


df = c(45.06, 44.72, 10.22)


bisect.angles<-floating.pie(6,6,df,col =c("#d7191c","#ffffbf","#1a9641"), radius = 4)

labs = c(paste("Indicated","(45.06)", sep =" "),paste("Proved","(44.72)", sep =" "),paste("Inferred","(10.22)", sep =" "))

pie.labels(6,6,bisect.angles,labs, radius=1, cex= 0.7)

mtext("Estimated Reeserve of Coal as of Mar. 31, 2016 (in %)",3, cex=0.7)
mtext("Total Reserves = 308.80 Billion Tonnes",1, cex=0.7)


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