Gender Wage Gap in Australia


The plot is generated as a part of Makeover Monday. The data comprises of close to 1000 observations. The original story was published here. The plot is inspired from New York Times post on Gender Wage gap in USA. The data for the post is available on MakeoverMonday.

The plot was generated using R and inkscape was used to add labels and text. I have also calculated a column called ratio, which consist of female to male ratio. A few edits were made to the data. The basic code used to generate the plot is as follows:

gap = read.xlsx("australia_gendergap1.xlsx", sheetIndex = 2)[,-6:-7]
gap= arrange(gap,ratio)
gap = mutate(gap,male= gap$Male/1000, female= gap$Female/1000)
plot(gap$male,gap$female,type="n",xlim=c(0,600), ylim=c(0,600),pch=19,col= "#C84F65",bty="n",xlab="",ylab="")
points(gap$male,gap$female,xlim=c(0,600), ylim=c(0,600),pch=19,cex=0.4,col= "#C84F65",bty="n",xlab="",ylab="")
abline(coef=c(0,1), lwd=2)


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